28 sie 2015


autor: Ola

There are generally several different periods connected with essay or dissertation writing: interpretation from the query; exploration; organizing; creating; as well as modification. In case you omit these or perhaps dash all of them, specific acquainted complications may come up in your composing: irrelevance, fragile framework, not enough evidence as well as examples to guide ones quarrels, not enough fluency concerning sentences, sporadic quarrels, and others.

It’s furthermore important to independent each and every level, leaving occasion involving each one. Not just can this specific permit you to return to your opinions refreshing, making sure that you could discover which of them has to be modified available, yet you will probably know that your thinking and also reasons are suffering from for now.

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Is  it generally required to revise the composition?

Quite basically, yes. Figuring out you will change your current dissertation once you have done producing that, lets you compose openly with out an excessive amount of worry regarding fashion. You should inform oneself in which no matter whether that you do not receive the phrasing accurately on the primary test. The stress need to be on making it possible for your opinions to circulation widely, when you follow ones prepare as well as create your opinions. The important thing to achievement here’s to be able to help remind on your own that the greatest creating scans just as if it truly is speak on the net.

After this specific, once you transfer to the revising phase, it is possible to clean up your work. Preferably, you should get away from your current first set up a few days. In case you change this instantly, you could possibly miss stuff need to be altered. You may well be thus ecstatic to own got it dealt with, your power associated with self-criticism might have come to be blunted.

Is the idea constantly essential to program my personal dissertation?

You may generally say to the particular change concerning a great essay or dissertation that’s been designed the other that will hasn’t. To avoid shedding or even complicated this audience program before you write. Then format this kind of place of the essay or dissertation obviously in your benefits in addition to abide by it consistently having clear subject essay sentences as well as transitions illuminating on your path.

How can i enhance my own design?

The most straightforward matter is definitely you just read more: the harder books we look at greater each of our type. Just like a process of photosynthesis the item filter systems straight down via each of our brain enriching the believed functions along with sharpening the use of words and phrases with no us knowing of which something important is going on. Enter into this routine connected with studying well-written books, to ensure that you’re usually in the middle of looking at a single. Simply 20 in order to 20 or so units a new nights before you head for you to snooze can on time have a proclaimed effect on ones writing.

Beyond there are particular powering guidelines that will help you write mild and useful writing:

Brevity  — economy and also straightforwardness inside your use of phrases and also as part of your design associated with paragraphs.

Logic  : arranging your dissertation so you develop a clear reasonable construction that may be followed effortlessly.

Interest  — modifying this tempo and also rhythm of the creating as well as using fascinating suggestions as well as evidence to show the reasons.

How significantly really does the style connected with my essay or dissertation matter?

Appearances do subject. The majority of people battle to shake off their first impacts as they examine a great essay or dissertation. In addition, many individuals suspect that knowledge signifies that a sloppily displayed essay or dissertation will be most probably to be sloppily fought. Whether or not most of these landscapes get any credence or even not necessarily, you possibly can steer clear of the hazard associated with falling some sort of rank by making certain the article is actually obviously as well as beautifully presented with seeing that handful of mistakes inside as is possible. Your projects have to seem like the effort of any meticulous person.

For far more tips, see  referencing in addition to staying away from plagiarism  and  composing expertise.


Top techniques for essay writing

  1. Make guaranteed that you’ll be totally distinct concerning the word duration and end date.
  2. If you are undecided around the question, obtain advice before even thinking about to organize.
  3. Get hold of the essential qualifications looking at nicely before hand.
  4. Markers are seeking someone to show your own concepts, and so get them if you want.
  5. Make sure that you have entire personal references for all the publications that you make use of.
  6. Plan the full essay or dissertation in detail before you start to write.

Technical writing


  1. Think concerning your own audience in addition to that they wish someone to strategy individual.
  2. Write previously: use usually do not as an alternative to tend not to, will not as opposed to is not going to.
  3. Use phrases correctly, checking technical words with your tutor or even a specialized journal.
  4. Punctuate accurately, preserving sentences with a affordable duration.
  5. Write reviews in the past anxious — these are concerning perform you’ve got done.
  6. Write impersonally: it turned out advised rather than I propose.


  1. Address the particular target audience specifically because you, or even refer to oneself when i or perhaps me.
  2. Use abbreviations for example science lab with regard to laboratory or diag regarding diagram.
  3. Add individual responses including how you felt about the do the job.
  4. Waffle: compose concisely and also keep to the issue.
  5. Write essay sentences greater than in relation to 50 words and phrases in length.


28 sie 2015


autor: Ola
Before an individual also start off composing the first word of your essay or dissertation, you need to prepare ones article. Setting up in the examination is vital far too to enable you to develop a first-class essay.

Plan your own essay

Planning your article makes it possible to in a few essential techniques:

1. Structure

The strategy presents the article a particular structure intended for examiners to follow as they find their way their own way by way of suggestions as well as reasons which might be not familiar in their mind. Without this specific you might lose these, and if they can not understand why your current justifications tend to be pertinent, as well as they can observe precisely what you happen to be carrying out as well as the reason, they cannot provide you with represents, regardless how excellent your hard work could possibly be.

2. Your arguments

It makes it possible to ensure that all of your arguments tend to be evidently in addition to persistently argued, as well as that you have satisfactory facts to compliment these individuals. Many times you can use assist at a part in this article http://eduaidguru.com.   Additionally, it minimizes danger connected with omitting several important section or even argument that is certainly middle on the issues increased by the article.

3. The writing

By repeating your current fights in detail you can avoid the problem involving trying to complete both hardest issues in writing while doing so: pinning down your ideas definitely, and then summoning the phrases and words that will convey these individuals accurately.

Planning within the exam

Spend the first 5 to be able to ten min’s recording your prepare before even thinking about to post the actual essay. Aren’t getting panicked in to writing too quickly before you get exhausted all of your concepts along with got these organised in to a coherent, nicely organised strategy, that will responses this question having strict meaning.

Indeed, this makes good perception for you to plan the questions you have to do, when you grab the dog pen to create the first 1. Every time you approach a great composition anyone question your depths of the mind for you to response inquiries as well as investigate material you can not call to mind. Other than from the strongest associated with issues, there are usually fights, points, facts in addition to suggestions that you just are not able to don’t forget exactly. Nevertheless, by determining the issue inside the setting up point you will possess edward ones subconscious and also, as long as you’re creating a different query, it’s going to be busy unearthing what you require.


27 cze 2014

Dzień dobry:)

autor: Ola

Jestem TU nowa, choć w życiu mojego Męża na poważnie i na dobre zagościłam już jakiś czas temu… Niestety tajniki programowania, sprzętu  i osprzętu są mi zupełnie obce, zajmę się więc skrzętnie pozostałymi kategoriami:) Będzie zatem o życiu:)



6 maj 2011

Widoczki ze słonecznej Norwegii :)

autor: Pomyk

Kilka zdjęć z mojej niedawnej wycieczki do kraju wikingów. Niestety nie ma się czym chwalić, bo aparat do najlepszych nie należy ;)


Fiordy :)

Panorama Grimstad

Panorama Grimstad

Ciąg dalszy panoramy

Widok od strony portu

Jezioro na którym łowiłem płotki i szczupaki z łódki

Jezioro na którym łowiłem płotki i szczupaki z łódki

Jezioro - widok z wysepki

wylot z Norwegii

bonus ;)

Eksperymentalna panorama skalistego klifu

13 kwi 2011

Lekkie zmiany w planach

autor: Pomyk

Kwartał minął i choć do końca roku jeszcze daleko to postanowiłem zweryfikować część planów na ten rok. Z różnych względów postanowiłem kontynuować pracę co utrudni lub uniemożliwi mi zrealizowanie części z nich. Podsumowanie aktualnego stanu:

  • dokończyć rozpoczęte projekty – niestety większości się nie uda, ale za to w pracy mogę teraz dużo różnych projektów „naprawiać”
  • odpocząć – trochę się udało
  • wymiatać w Gran Turismo 5 :) – do tego dochodzi iRacing, ale wymiatać tam będzie ciężko, bo można trafić na zawodowych kierowców
  • przybrać na masie – powoli do przodu
  • wrócić do biegania – biegam trochę więcej, ale do maratonu to jeszcze daleko ;)
  • ruszyć jakieś nowe projekty – nie było za bardzo czasu i kolidowało z „odpoczynkiem”
  • wrócić do nauki Clojure – odeszło na dalszy plan na rzecz js, node.js i coffeescriptu
  • zwiedzić kawałek świata – wygląda na to, że zacznę od Norwegii
  • poeksperymentować ze snem polifazowym – w tym roku raczej nie da rady

Postaram się też częściej pisać, bo podobno czasem tu ktoś zagląda ;)

31 gru 2010

Plany na nowy rok

autor: Pomyk

Postanowiłem spisać swoje dość luźne plany na rok 2011. W nadchodzącym roku mam zamiar:

  • dokończyć rozpoczęte projekty
  • odpocząć
  • wymiatać w Gran Turismo 5 :)
  • przybrać na masie
  • wrócić do biegania i przebiec w końcu maraton (lub chociaż półmaraton)
  • ruszyć jakieś nowe projekty
  • wrócić do nauki Clojure
  • zwiedzić kawałek świata
  • poeksperymentować ze snem polifazowym

Sporo tego, między innymi dlatego postanowiłem zrezygnować z obecnej pracy. Spróbuję co jakiś czas opisać jak wyglądają postępy w niektórych dziedzinach :)

12 paź 2010

Vim – kilka przydatnych linków + plugin tabbar

autor: Pomyk

Jest to pierwszy z postów traktujących o Vimie – najlepszym edytorze dla programisty. Na początek kilka przydatnych linków dla początkujących:

Dodatkowo polecę tabbar – plugin bez którego nie wyobrażam sobie pracy w Vimie. Wyświetla otwarte pliki w postaci „zakładek” i umożliwia szybkie przełączanie się pomiędzy nimi za pomocą kombinacji alt+0, alt+1 itd. Jedyną jego wadą jest to, że czasem „gryzie się” z innymi wtyczkami/funkcjonalnościami (np. wyniki vimdiffa w jednym panelu są 2 linijki niżej co utrudnia porównanie).

W następnych wpisach postaram się przybliżyć inne ciekawe pluginy z których korzystam.

11 wrz 2010

64-bitowa java w Operze pod Gentoo

autor: Pomyk

W ciągu prawie 2 lat kilka razy podchodziłem do tego tematu i dzisiaj w końcu się udało. Pomógł ten wpis. Do poprawnego działania javy pod Operą potrzebne jest:

  1. icedtea-6.1.9 – najnowsza wersja w repozytorium gentoo
  2. utworzenie symlinków dla bibliotek xulrunnera:
    sudo ln -s /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.2/libxpcom.so /usr/lib/libxpcom.so
    sudo ln -s /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.2/libmozjs.so /usr/lib/libmozjs.so
    sudo ln -s /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.2/libxul.so /usr/lib/libxul.so

    W innych systemach biblioteki te mogą być w innym miejscu, np. /usr/lib/firefox-3.x/

4 kwi 2010

Liczniki w MySQL…

autor: Pomyk

Czyli jak zmodyfikować wartość i pobrać ją w sposób atomiczny.

Można to rozwiązać za pomocą tabeli z kolumną auto_increment, ale w tym przypadku jedna tabela = jeden licznik. Gdy chcemy mieć więcej liczników można wykorzystać do tego konstrukcję INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY i podzapytania ze zmiennymi.

Schemat tabeli:

CREATE TABLE `counter` (
  `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
  `count` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`id`);

Zapytania zwiększające licznik numer 1 i pobierające jego wartość:

INSERT INTO counter (id, count)
(SELECT 1, @count := 1)
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE count = (SELECT @count := count + 1);
SELECT @count AS count;
10 lut 2010

Nowy serwis – monitoringpozycji.pl

autor: Pomyk

Niedawno ruszył nowy serwis, który mam okazję współtworzyć. Umożliwia on sprawdzanie pozycji w google na różne frazy dla podanej domeny. Dostępne są statystyki, wykresy pozycji i raporty pdf. Aktualnie wszystkie ficzery są za darmo, więc zachęcam do korzystania :)